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Driver Education FAQ's

Why Safe Driver Driver's Education? Who teaches the classes?

Safe Driver Drivers Education was created by Chris Rolwes in 2009.  We think that Safe Driver Ed sets itself apart from other driving schools in that we work hard to make sure that classroom instruction is consistent with behind the wheel instruction.  Unlike some other driving schools in the area, we allow parents and students to sign up for the driving portion of the class when it fits their schedule.  We serve students in the Cedar Rapids area but students from surrounding school districts are welcome to enroll.  Mr. Rolwes teaches the classroom portion of the course while Mr. Randy Mathews, Mr. Andrew Tower, Mr. Brad Tower, Mr. Marv Trachta, and Mr. Max Matthais will teach the driving portion of the course.  Mr. Rolwes will also drive with students when needed or requested.

Do you offer adult driver education?

Yes! I can drive with adults (over the age of 18) to help prepare them to do a test drive with a the Department of Transportation.  I cannot allow any of my cars to be used for this test.  If you are interested in doing this, please contact me directly via e-mail or at 319-573-6378.  I typically do adult lessons from late November through late February and by appointment in the summer.  Lessons run $100.00 per 90 minutes of instruction.

What is classroom instruction like?

Various methods will be used including lecture and small group work.  Guest speakers from the D.O.T, law enforcement, ABATE (sharing the road), bicycle awareness, organ donation, and the insurance industry will present to each class. One class will be held at Cassill Motors where basics of buying and caring for a car will be discussed. at All work will be done in class with the exception of some of the web based activities.  Computers and Smart Board technology will also be used to aid instruction. Students must pass the classroom portion of the class with at least 70%.  Students will be assessed a variety of ways and are encouraged to ask Mr. Rolwes for extra help. Please let Mr. Rolwes know if your student has an I.E.P or any other testing or learning accommodation. 

How are classroom absences handled?

Any absence from class will have to made up during the next session during the evening/day that the specific material is covered.  Absences will be limited to no more than two times per course.  Please communicate with Mr. Rolwes if your student is going to be absent.  Unexcused absences will result in being dropped from the class without refund.  Students will not receive their certificates until they have passed the classroom and driving portions of the course.  If students are going to miss a scheduled driving lesson they should contact Mr. Rolwes far in advance of this absence. All of this will be discussed the first night of class.

What is the policy regarding cell phones and other electronic devices?

Students will be able to use their devices during breaks and sometimes during class.  If excessive or inappropriate use of the device becomes a distraction Mr. Rolwes will warn the student of this.    If your student needs to be reached during class please contact Mr. Rolwes at 573-6378.  

Students will be unable to use their phones when not driving as Iowa state law says that students must have six hours of observation in addition to the six hours of driving.  At anytime, Mr. Rolwes or the other instructors reserves the right to ask students to turn off their phones or other devices during the lesson   Students will be asked to complete activities while observing the other student driving.

What does driver education with Safe Driver Driver's Education include?

Each student will receive 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of behind the wheel instruction.  Students will receive individualized feedback after each lesson and will be asked to identify strengths and weaknesses.  Students will be asked to keep a driving log when driving outside of class. In addition to this instruction they will receive:

  • 240 minutes of substance abuse education.
  • a minimum of 20 minutes of railroad crossing safety.
  • instruction relating to organ donation under the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act.

Safe Driver Drivers Education L.L.C. is fully licensed by the Iowa Department of Transportation and is bonded and insured.

When can we sign up for driving lessons?

Once the class is closed and we know how many students are in the class, we will open up the scheduling portion of the site approximately two weeks before the start of the class. Students/parents are then able to sign up for lessons in two hour increments.  There must be two students in the car at all times with each student driving for one hour and observing for one hour.  

What is the behind-the-wheel instruction like?

Students will drive for one hour for each lesson and must have a minimum of six hours of instruction.  There must be at least two students in the car for each lesson.   Students will switch every half-hour.  Lessons will include:

  • Basic car control including backing into streets and driveways.
  • Residential driving
  • Downtown and city driving working on lane changes, turning, and pedestrian observance.
  • One Way Streets, parallel parking, and head-in parking.
  • Two lane highway and country road driving.
  • Interstate and highway driving
  • We will do a drive to Iowa City where we will drive around downtown I.C.
  • Trip planning.  During our last drive students are responsible for planning a route.
  • Instruction in basic vehicle maintenance.
  • Students are required to log an additional 5 hours of instruction outside of the driving time they will complete with the instructor.

Students are expected to be on time for their driving lessons.  If a student misses a driving lesson without notifying Mr. Rolwes they will be charged $35.

Where do we meet the instructor for driving lessons?

If your lesson is right after school, please come to room 120 to see Mr. Rolwes and he will direct you where to find your instructor.  On days we DON'T have school, please meet us in front of the school under or right by the arcade/main doors.  DON"T FORGET YOUR PERMIT!!

Can the driving lessons end at home or another location?

It is recommended by the Iowa Department of Transportation that there be at least two students in the car at all times.  Both students will need to be dropped off at this location.  It is always best if our drives can stop or end at an agreed upon location.  In the summer that will most likely be where the class is held.

What is the procedure for students having to drive with the Department of Transportation?

Some students will have to drive with the D.O.T. if they fail to perform up to the instructor's expectations.  If this is the case, students will receive a certificate that states: "Must drive with D.O.T". Mr. Rolwes will communicate with the parents of the student if this is going to be a possibility.  If students are doing additional driving outside of the driving they are doing for the course they will most likely pass the course.

What is the refund policy?

Your student can be scheduled for a future session.  If a refund is requested, only $200 is typically refunded.  However, if an emergency comes up, a full refund can be given.